Rent a Metal Detector or Hire a Professional Metal Detectorist to find lost rings

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I have been a metal detectorist searching in Chicago and Northeastern Illinois for over 30+ years. I am certified to work with Archaeologists. I can help find Rings, Artifacts, Keys, Jewelry, Caches, Bullets, Property Markers and other lost metal items. I can detect in the water (up to 4 feet) or on the land. I work primarily in Northeastern Illinois. I charge a small show up fee to cover travel and work on a reward basis. If I don't find your lost item you don't owe me anything but the show up fee. If you prefer, I can work on a percentage of value or on an hourly basis.

Lets talk! The sooner we start hunting the better your chances of recovery.

Email, Text or Call me at 773-206-8476.

James Evans 2013