Rings-Found using a Metal Detector

Diamond Engagement Ring and Diamond wedding band found at North Ave. Beach in ChicagoFound in 30 Seconds at North Ave Beach18K Diamond Ring found for owner in Deerfield, ILLinoisHusbands lost ring42 years later Ring found for Murph in Beverly, Illinois Newspaper ArticleFirst ring foundsecond ring foundBoth rings foundRing lost while cleaning guttersWidows husbands ringSchool ring lost in snowball fightRing lost in back yardRing 1 of twoSchool ring found in lake returned to ownerRing lost on beachRing found on beachRing lost in yardRing lost in front yardRing recoveredRing lost while gardeningAniversary ring foundLost by driveway3 bands of goldVolley Ball party for newly weds savesNight hunt successfulMarried 1 day on Michigan Ave ChicagoMarriage savedHappy to find the ring

Here are some rings I found for people in Chicago and in Northeastern Illinois

These are happy customers who's rings I have found. Some of these rings have been lost for years. The school ring that was found was lost over 6 years ago while throwing a football to her father while they were in the water.

I do hunt in the water, but only to a depth of about 4 feet. I do not scuba dive.

James Evans 2013